Do Raccoons Cause Damage? Absolutely!

Raccoon Damage to Yards & Landscaping

Outside you may expect to find raccoon damage including torn up yards from raccoons searching for grubs, damaged landscaping and ripped up vegetation. A hungry raccoon won’t say no to tasty garden raised vegetables either and can cause a large degree of destruction in a very short period of time. It’s not just cliché, raccoons really do like to get into garbage cans for a quick and easy meal, resulting in a huge mess of smelly garbage strewn across your driveway and yard.

Raccoon Damage to Homes

When the weather turns nasty, raccoons will stop at nothing to get into a cozy warm home. Strong and resourceful, raccoons will chew, scratch and rip their way through siding and roofs to enter attics. Look for damage along the roofline, under soffits, and near the chimney. Raccoons will also sneak in through chimneys, dryer vents, bathroom vents, heating & air conditioning vents.

During breeding season, raccoons like to nest in attics. Listen for trilling, whistling and cooing sounds from baby raccoons. You may also hear heavy walking sounds, scratching and growling noises.

Attic Damage From Raccoons

Once inside your home, raccoons can cause a huge amount of problems, including:

  • Insulation Damage – ripped, torn, soiled insulation
  • Water Leaks – from holes in siding and roof
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Issues – from damage to ductwork & damaged insulation
  • Electrical Problems & Fire Hazards – from damaged wiring
  • Health Issues – from parasites found in raccoon feces

Wondering What to Do About Raccoon Damage?

Give Critter Control of Gulf Shores a call. Whether you are in the Mobile Alabama area or the Pensacola Florida area, our team can provide a free phone estimate and schedule an inspection. Time matters when you are dealing with wildlife issues. The longer a raccoon is allowed to live in your environment, the more damage can occur. We’re here to help!

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